Tubbs Romp to Stomp

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Snowshoe Course

The Romp to Stomp courses are relatively flat and tend to meander through beautiful wooded areas with some great views of the mountains. Each course is different but “doable” for beginners.

5k is 3.1 miles
3k is 1.86 miles

Common Questions

I registered for the 3k Race, can I switch to the Walk? (or vice versa?)
Yes! Just login to your participant center and make the change from there.

How long will it take me to walk or run the course?
The length of time depends on a lot of things, but to give you a reference point, usually the last of the 5k walkers hit the finish line about 90 minutes after the start.

What kind of terrain should I expect on the course?
We do our best to design the course relatively mellow to be appropriate for beginners.

Will the course be the same for the race as for the snowshoe walk?
In some cases. Usually there is a turn-around point for the 3k route. Sometimes it is a loop and sometimes it is there and back—all depends on the snow conditions and trail availability during that time of the year.

Will I get lost?
The course is marked with lots of flags and volunteers are positioned at key split-off points to help ensure everyone finds their way.

Why are we not provided a course map?
In most cases, we don't know what snow and weather conditions will be like until just before the event. We aren't able to set the course until 1-2 days before the event, making it too tight of a timeframe to put together a specific course outline. We strive to mark the course with plenty of flags and post volunteers at key turn-off points!